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Site Monitoring

Generally resource consents granted to authorise specific activities have conditions of consent that set limit or performance standards. In these circumstances there are usually associated monitoring and reporting requirements as well. At Three Kings Quarry, regular monitoring and reporting is required for the dewatering permit 12977, the air permit 40041 and the permits that authorise the filling of the site (36221 / 36222 / 37770 / R/LUC/2009/743). These are reported to the regulators and the Site Liaison Group. Posted below are the most recent records. If you experience difficulty downloading any of this information, please email us.

Dewatering Permit 12977

Precise level Surveys

Associated Correspondence

Quarterly reports

Annual reports

Air Permit 21875

Quarterly reports

Biennial reports

Trigger Investigations

Air Permit 40041

Quarterly reports

Biennial reports

Trigger Investigations

Noise Monitoring Reports

Fill Permits 36221 / 36222 / 37770 / R/LUC/2009/743

Fill Annual Management Plan

Fill Annual Compliance Report

Fill Quarterly Reports

Fill Biannual random sampling Reports