Management Plans & Regulatory Structure

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Management Plans & Regulatory Structure

Since the introduction of the Resource Management Act in 1991 the quarry has operated under the umbrella of this legislation. Auckland Council (AC) regulates both land use activities and natural resources and their use in the Auckland region ( including both air and water quality). Both the regional and district plans recognises both the importance of aggregates to maintaining growth and developing both the city’s and the region’s infrastructure and the rehabilitation of the site for further use.

AC’s District Plan zones the site as Business 7 and subject to a number of rules regarding land use, (for example, noise and vibration from operations) quarrying is a permitted activity on the Three Kings site. In addition Winstone Aggregates currently hold a suite of consents which authorise (subject to consent conditions) all the activities undertaken at the Three Kings Quarry.

The consents and latest revisions of the site’s management plans are provided below.

Consents and Permits

Management Plans

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