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Community Liaison

Winstone Aggregates’ Three Kings Quarry site is zoned Business 7 by the Auckland Council’s Operative District Plan (ODP) and, subject to plan rules, quarrying is permitted. At the time the district plan was developed it was agreed by consent between South Epsom Planning Group Inc., Winstone Aggregates and the former Auckland City Council that a management plan for the operation of the quarry should be developed by the quarry operator in consultation with a Site Liaison Group (SLG). This agreement was confirmed by consent order of the Environment Court.

The SLG includes representatives from Auckland Council and the local community. Its objectives are to provide a forum where relevant matters about the quarry’s operations and any development plans can be raised and discussed with a view to resolution, and good relations and mutual trust between quarry management and the local community can be maintained.

Winstone Aggregates operates its Three Kings Quarry in accordance with a suite of management plans which are reviewed regularly, and when necessary updated in consultation with the SLG. Conditions of some of the resource consents listed in these management plans require regular monitoring and reporting to the consent authority. This monitoring is also reported to the SLG and is posted online on the site monitoring page.

The SLG meets about every three months and meeting notes and minutes are recorded, distributed to attendees and also posted online. The SLG is open to all interested parties. To register email us, or write to Three Kings Quarry SLG, Winstone Aggregates, PO Box 17-195, Greenlane, Auckland.