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From small domestic and landscaping jobs to some of the city’s major infrastructure like the harbour bridge, the airport and much of the central motorway network, Three Kings Quarry has played a part.

The quarry is located in the central Auckland suburb of Mt Eden, and quarrying has taken place in the area since the 1840s.

Throughout over 150 years of operation, 90 years of which it has been operated by Winstone Aggregates, Three Kings quarry’s footprint has changed and developed.

Scoria is a strong and light-weight volcanic rock. It is porous and has a large surface area making it excellent for drainage.

Output from the quarry varies according to demand, and this more or less follows the cyclic nature of the construction industry and the scale of projects at any time.

However, as quarrying activities start to decrease due to exhausting the economically viable resource we have also begun the process of rehabilitation of the quarry site through progressive backfilling. By filling the quarry, the land will be available for other uses in the future.

All the work undertaken at Three Kings is strictly controlled by Auckland Council’s resource consent conditions which are in accordance with the Resource Management Act 1991. Winstone Aggregates works hard to ensure its compliance record with these conditions is excellent.